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Since I can remember I was interested in the world of beauty and art, so I continued
My natural aesthetic has spawned the idea of love for a profession. 
I am a professional makeup artist and Hairstylist for many years and has extensive experience in various teemes. 
Ophir Award 2013 under make-up category, for the film "big bad wolves".                             
Makeup artist and Hair stylist

at fashion: "olam haeisha", "yediot ahoronot", "pnay plus' 
film : "big bad wolves","that lovely girl", "children of the fall".
T.V: "ahat efes efes", "haborer4", "taxi driver2".
And my big love - Brides. 
Thanks to my experience and my love for makeup and hair design, I will match the look of your personality and 
character, I will emphasize your beauty. 
Thus guaranteed you a clean and harmonious look as you always dreamed of. 
I would love to meet you, get to know you and finally do your makeup and hair design. 
Dikla Sharabi
Makeup artist and hair stylist.



+972 544776965

Dikla Sharabi * ISRAEL *  972544776965 *

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